Friday, October 17, 2014

Alcohol, Beer Bellies, and the Importance of Basal Metabolism

Yomiuri newspaper, on of the major newspapers in Japan, has recently reported that the beer belly often seen on middle aged men has nothing to do with the amount of beer they drink.

A comparison of those who drink a lot of beer and those who do not revealed a lack of difference in the size of their belt lines. These results were announced in Japan yesterday at a Japanese institute for alcohol and drugs.

two guys drinking beer togetherDrinking beer is not always the main cause of gaining fat. The main cause is a continuation of an intake of an excessive amount of calories. A good balance is generated between calorie intake and daily calorie consumption. Please note that general alcoholic drinks, such as beer, contain about 7kcal per 1g.

If you want to avoid gaining weight, you have to at least know your basal metabolism. This will help you make decisions on how much food you should eat during social situations. You will be able to make better judgements if you have the proper knowledge such as your basal metabolism.

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